Friday, March 27, 2009

Join us for the second Wine Club gathering...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
8:00 pm

Keystone Park Condominium
4242 Northwest 2nd Street
Apartment 1007
Miami, Fl 33126

Featured regions of the month:
Napa Valley & Sonoma

Pick your poison, ladies! Red or White, Napa or creative and come ready to sip!

Wine-Sippin' Details:
The Maenads, as we like to call ourselves, were known as the strong, female followers of the God of the Vine in Greek Mythology. Together, we will concentrate all our strengths and spill them into our love for wine! Once a month, on the first Wednesday of each month, we will plan to get together, taste and enjoy various wines, and expand our knowledge and passion for Enology.

More than anything, we're looking for an excuse to have a great time with friends and drink lotsa wine! More details below...

  • Let us know whether or not you'll be there so we can plan accordingly.
  • Each month, we will all decide on one particular region or varietal to focus on the following month, and everyone attending is to bring a bottle of the featured region/varietal.
  • Price of bottle should be limited to under $25.
  • If you pick it, tell us why! Each member is to present and give a brief background and/or tasting notes on their selection.

Cheers, Anais & Monique